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“I started my SIP with Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd, 10 years ago without any detailed understanding of Mutual Funds. But with their meticulous selection of Funds they helped me grow my investments beyond my expectations which no other big professional investment companies could ever do. Their personal involvement in individual clients, prudent and adequate risk profiling always help to earn the desired financial growth on the investments. Thanks a ton to Team Chitale’s.” –Mr. Vivek Deshpande

vivek deshpande testimonial final
Mr. Vivek Deshpande, Spacewood Furnitures Pvt Ltd

“I have been attached to Mr. Sunil Chitale for almost 2 years. As a mutual fund distributor, he has been the best and most importantly honest distributor for the best outcomes of his clients. In this span of 2 years it is commendable to see that his predictions of market position stood out to be just the same as they were predicted. Which gives me a satisfaction that my money is invested by the brains of a most appropriate person.” –Adv Dilip B Gawande

gawande testimonial final
                    Adv Dilip B Gawande

“We have been in association with the CHITALE  CFS since it’s inception. Their work is purely in the interest of the clients. We appreciate the satisfactory  services given by them and  wish them a very bright future.” –Dr. C. N. Kulkarni & Dr. Mohana Kulkarni

kulkarni testimonial final
Dr. C. N. Kulkarni & Dr. Mohana Kulkarni

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“When I realized the need for investments, my knowledge about investments was limited to FDs, postal schemes, buying gold etc. I first got to know about Mutual Funds from Mr. Chitale of Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd, and he explained to me and guided me about the advantages of long term investments in the form of Mutual Funds. In this short journey of some ten years of investments in Mutual Funds, I have the satisfaction of seeing my savings grow steadily & during this period there have been regular, gentle reminders and updates to help me keep my focus on investing. Thanks to the professional yet personal approach and convincing manner of Shri Sunil Chitale, today my husband, my mother-in-law and my son have started investing in Mutual Funds at Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd.” -Dr Charusmita Shah

Dr Charusmita Shah Final
                         Dr Charusmita Shah

“I have been working with Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd since last 13 years. His services are stupendous . Also ability to explain the crux of making me convinced about how you could fetch more gains by deciding schemes , top ups, timely increasing SIP value. He also guided me properly to have perfect combination of small, mid & larger cap funds so that more profits could be fetched. Lastly his services are timely with answerable queries with my satisfaction.” –Mr. Sanjay Taori

Sanjay Taori Final
                       Mr Sanjay Taori

“I’m associated with Shri. Sunilji Chitale of Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd since September 2007 i.e. four months prior to 2008 financial crisis, the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929. I felt myself as one of the unfortunate passengers of Titanic who is going to drown in the unfathomable ocean of Capital Market. I started my journey of equity investment sailing the boat of SIP, but suddenly the rosy picture that I imagined suddenly turned topsy-turvy. At this crucial juncture, Shri Sunilji Chitale, the saintly mutual fund distributor, helped me stay calm & composed, and kept me motivated during those turbulent times. Thanks to his timely, valuable and morale boosting guidance today I am peeling the fruits of equity investments. With the pious intention of creating wealth for the common man and salaried class, Shri Chitale Sir works ceaselessly to change the conservative  mindset of the people concerning saving and investment, and makes them financially literate which is the need of the hour. Here we do not invest blindly and the only thing that I can say regarding investment is “Where there is Chitale CFS Pvt Ltd You are Sure.” –Prof. Chhangani